Think, But Speak Up

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“That’s not new, that’s what I’ve been thinking!” A challenge of being an introvert can come in that you may have a good idea but you think to yourself, “it’s fairly obvious. I don’t want to state the obvious”, and you say nothing. Then someone else shares the exact same thing and everyone is in awe. Then you think to yourself, “wasn’t that obvious? Why is everyone so excited?” Well because it wasn’t obvious, you just thought that it was.

One lesson here is to not assume that people know or understand what you do. They are not in your mind. When sharing your thoughts, share them in a conversational, not a condescending way. If you open your conversation others can join in and agree, which will affirm that it is common knowledge, great. If it isn’t common knowledge, perhaps you’ll get questions and you can elaborate. You never know, perhaps you will share some idea that everyone gets excited about, just don’t make that your aim or you will not speak for fear of your idea being rejected. Talk to people to learn from them. Be open to conversations. You will learn a lot from others, and they can learn from you. So go ahead and think, but speak up.